Recognising the signs of burnout

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It is a myth that burnout only happens to people in certain jobs. In fact, burnout can happen to anyone who does any type of work, whether it’s in an office or from home. Burnout doesn’t just happen when you’re stressed and tired – it also happens when you feel undervalued, unappreciated or bored with…

I totally agree with this post, Dan, thanks for sharing it! My biggest struggle is a result of being a tech guy with little business skills. I am currently taking Adderall for adult ADHD and 2 meds for depression.

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Thanks @manzwebdesigns :boh: sometimes it can be hard to recognise the signs. It sounds like you’re aware of an area in your professional life that needs further development, is that something you’re actively working on?

Hi Dan, I have worked on it off and on since I started the business up in April 2009. I struggle with not knowing what I don’t know and also depression. I have thought about going to the local community college here (the same college I got my degree in Computer Programming) for a degree in Business Administration but can’t afford it and have made a commitment to never go farther into debt again. I have reached out to SCORE for help and they helped some. I think I will reach out to them again, but open to any suggestions that you may have. Thanks!

That sounds like a very sensible commitment to make to yourself :smiley:

Have you considered some of the low cost or even free courses? This site has a number of options available that might be a fit: